Viva Viva

Ambitious originals and tight ensemble playing characterise Viva Viva, which features the mind-boggling title track (written during an ad break on ‘Tonight Live’) and a couple of Paul’s signature tunes, ‘Angel’ and ‘Isabella’s Dance.’ Paul’s personal favourite.

Tracks: Viva Viva; The Party; Long Distance Enigma; Angel; Tail Fin; Sitcom From Another Planet; Isabella’s Dance; TBA

Musicians: Paul Grabowsky (piano); Niko Schauble (drums); Ian Chaplin (alto & soprano sax); Simon Kent (trombone); Bobby Venier (trumpet); Doug de Vries (guitar); Ed Schuller (bass); Tim Hopkins (tenor sax); Andrew Gander (drums); Scott Tinkler (trumpet); Alex Pertout (percussion); Ren Walters (guitar); Stephen Grant (cornet)

“In its mixture of ambitious writing some superb improvisation not just from the leader but most of his partners and a shrew absorption of contemporary jazz influences, he’s rapidly proving himself to be a world class contender- and advertising a thriving Australian jazz scene into the bargain. Most of all, the leader’s asymmetrical phrasing, collisions of big ideas and unwillingness to coast in his own piano playing mark out a major force in new jazz.”
-John Fordham, The Guardian