Tales of Time and Space

My tribute to NYC, my favourite place after Melbourne. My dream all-star band, with Branford Marsalis and Joe Lovano on soprano and tenor saxes respectively, my old comrade Ed Schuller on bass and the irrepressible Jeff Tain Watts on drums. Scott Tinkler, who is a master interpreter of my music, proves that he is totally at home in such company.

The tunes are a mix of old and new: ‘Tailfin’ and ‘Angel’ from Viva Viva are revisited, ‘Silverland’ and ‘Wist’ are reworked trio tunes, ‘Sideshow Sarabande’ was originally composed as a two-piano vehicle for Mark Isaacs and myself some years back. Four tunes were written especially for the project: ‘Medium Rare’ pays homage to Wayne Shorter, ‘Updraft’ is a post-bop tune with ridiculous changes, ‘Circle of Trust’ was inspired by Bjork, and ‘Reason and Rhyme’ is a hymn with surprising enharmonic twists. For the US release on Sanctuary, Philip Rex’s fantastic remix of ‘Silverland’ was included as a bonus track.