Sita is the music from the acclaimed music-theatre production Theft of Sita, which was first performed as part of the Melbourne International Festival in 2000 and has sinced toured Europe and the United States of America. Sita is a collaboration between members of the Australian Art Orchestra and 5 Balinese musicians under the direction of the co-composer of the music ‘I Gde Wayan Yudane’. The music merges traditional Balinese structures with free Jazz and contemporary electronica, and features the beautiful voice of Shelley Scown.

Tracks: Overture; Creation Song; Jatayu Battle; Death of Jatayu; Song of Sita; Conversation; Logging Beasts; Ecclesiastes 1; Rebong; Song of Desolation; Journey to Lanka; Song Of Lanka; Three Wise Men; Ecclesiastes 2; Riot; Return of Rama; Lament.

Musicians: Niko Schauble (drums, percussion) ; Adrian Sherriff (bass trombone); Sandy Evans (soprano, tenor saxophones); John Rodgers (violin); Shelley Scown (voice); Ren Walters (guitar); I Wayan Gde Yudane (kendang, bumbang, ceng-ceng, gentorag); I Made Subandi (gender, kendaang, bumbang, rebab); I Gusti Putu Sudarta (gender, bumbang, pongang, vocals); I Ketut Lanus (suling, kendang, bumbang); I Made Gde Mandra (gang, bumbang, kenang, kajar, kempul)

“There is a dazzling musical accompaniment composed by Paul G and I Wayan Gde Yudane mixing Balinese Gamelan and Jazz influences.”
– Neil Genzlenger, The New York Times