Passion consists of five major works by Paul Grabowsky, Doug de Vries, Alister Spence, Niko Schäuble and John Rodgers each inspired by the St Matthew Passion of J.S. Bach. The pieces are linked by five chorales sung by Christine Sullivan with lyrics by Paul Grabowsky.

Tracks: Come, Daughters; No Justice; Captive; Love Me Once; For Love; Fire and Ice; Crucified; Passion; Finale.

Musicians: Bob Coassin, Scott Tinkler (trumpets); Stephen Grant (flugelhorn, cornet); James Greening, Jordan Murray (trombones); Adrian Sherriff, Simon Myers (bass trombones); Philip Rex (tuba & double bass); Lachlan Davidson (flute, alto & tenor saxes), Paul Cutlan (clarinet, bass clarinet, alto sax); Elliott Dalgleish (flute, bass clarinet, baritone sax); Sandy Evans (tenor & soprano saxes); Julien Wilson, Adam Simmons (tenor saxes); Paul Grabowsky (piano & electronics); Alister Spence (piano & keyboards); John Rodgers (violin); Doug de Vries (guitar); Gary Costello (double bass); Niko Schäuble (drums); Alex Pertout, Daryl Pratt, Peter Neville (percussion)